Food Truck Festival

Im scrolling through my phone and old pictures from a outing I attended caught my eye. Let me tell you about my experience. A few weeks ago Atlanta held its fourth annual Food Truck Festival at Piedmont Park. To my surprise it wasn’t what I expected, but before I continue with that let me back […]

Twin Peaks Atlanta Review

I recently ate at Twin Peaks for the first time in Atlanta,Georgia (of course). The cabin styled bar had a creative theme including wooden chairs, forest decor and a caged fire pit on the outside patio area. The waitress and bartenders where dressed in midriff black and red checkerboard tops, khaki shorts and various styles […]

Closing The #YOTBL Vlog

The Year Of The Bucket List; The YOTBL; The Bucketlisters end the first season of their seven series video blog. The last episode shows a good time, touching moments and what being apart of YOTBL is all about. Don’t wait for a death notice to live like you’re dying, because from the moment you were […]

YOTBL Webisode 2

The Year Of  The Bucket List Webisode 2  is finally here, this time actually crossing things off of the Bucket List. This vlog is the beginning of things never done before. Follow the crew as they begin their journey. Who really started the silly string fight? Why is the crew running and out of breath? Make […]

A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Over the weekend I was able to cross off a location on my list of places to visit before I die: New York City. This traveling experiences came with bonuses including spending time with my clique of best friends (JJAM) from 2001! Yeah, its been quite some time. We flew there from Miami. I haven’t […]

YOTBL First Webisode

The Year Of The Bucket List (#YOTBL) is finally lingering on YouTube. If you’ve missed previous summaries it is a video blog (vlog) series about a group of friends who come together to challenge themselves to complete things that they wouldn’t normally do. Their first list originally started on New Years of 2014 which composed […]

The Year Of The Bucket List

The Year Of The Bucket List is a webisode series/video blog that will be featured on YouTube. The filming of the series started on New Years Day of 2014. A group of friends, including myself, got together and developed a short bucket list that they could complete in one night. What is a Bucket List? […]