Food Truck Festival

Im scrolling through my phone and old pictures from a outing I attended caught my eye. Let me tell you about my experience.

A few weeks ago Atlanta held its fourth annual Food Truck Festival at Piedmont Park. To my surprise it wasn’t what I expected, but before I continue with that let me back up and start from the beginning of the story.

As I’m getting dressed in festival wear (floral high-waisted skirt and a crop top) I  realized my time at that event will be very limited. Parking was probably going to be a ridiculous price and there would be so much traffic. Driving would only take away more of my time, so for the first time I utilized Uber. I have caught a ride with my best friend using Uber a couple times in New York but this is the first time that I actually used my own account.

Uber turned out to be very convenient. Yes, the driver drove slower than I ever would, but that was expected. On the Uber app I was able to view brief info on the driver, choose the car I wanted to ride in and see my expected time arrival. The only downside is that you can’t see the exact cost of your ride until the end of your trip and it is all done by previously authorized credit/debit card. However, they do provide an estimated cost before you select a driver.

As soon as we were able to see the park we pretty much hopped out the car to avoid waiting in the bumper to bumper traffic (after all, you are being change for distance and how long you are actually in the car). The park was huge and filled with families in lawn chairs, blankets and tents. The food trucks were lined up back to back with what seemed like never ending lines of people.

Prior to coming to the event my best friend and I look to see if there were any specific rules that would be enforced. One that stood out was the fact that you would have to buy a $12 band in order to purchase food from any of the trucks. The band did not come with any special perks unless you bought it a few days before which then provided a single ticket for sampling. Thank goodness I decided not to buy a band until I was actually about to purchase food because it turns out i didn’t even need it! Buying a band would have been a waste of money.

Nowwhen I pictured “Food Truck Festival” in my head I imagined being able to stop at numerous food trucks trying something small or a sample from each. My plan was to try a lot of different food from a lot of different places. However, the festival was not set up like this at all.

At almost every truck they gave you a full portion of food and it wasn’t like the plates where $3 where u could dibble and dabble through many different taste. I bought a BBQ plate that came up to $10. My idea of sampling 10 different trucks quickly came to and end because I would not be buying 10 full plates from 10 different areas.

One of my favorite trucks was a cute little pink dessert  truck named Cupcakes by Tish. With great service I ordered a vanilla cupcake that came with pink icing: small, cute and quick.

Overall the Food Truck Festival was interesting and something new for me to experience. Hopefully next year the event coordinators can come up with a way for everyone to actually be able to try different samples from different trucks.





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