DIY Phone Case

phone case

Here is a girly Do-It-Yourself project that’s simple and easy to do.What you will need:

  • Phone Case: This one is obvious.. Any phone case that you are not afraid to get a little dirty.
  • Fabric Paint/Paintbrush: The brand of paint I used was Apple Barrel acrylic paint. When purchasing keep in mind the colors you want to use or make.
  • Glitter: Preferably ultra fine crystals/glitter.. Its small, thin, and blends in better with the paint.
  • Hairspray or Clear Nail Polish: TRESemme holding spray was for a final coat. Clear nail polish is also an option.


Before you begin mixing paint find paper towels or newspaper to cover the area you’re working on. This can get messy. I find this project more personalized and creative when you make the color you want to use rather than buying that bottle of paint. Remember you can make all colors with Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White. Mix red with yellow to make orange, yellow with blue to make green, and blue with red to make purple. Add white to make the color lighter and black to make the color darker (easy on the black!)

Here is were your creativity kicks in. You can paint your phone case a solid color like mine or put there rows of different color. This part is completely up to you.


Once the paint is mostly dry, scarcely sprinkle the fine glitter evenly across the entire phone case. Let it sit for several minutes.


Spray the entire phone case with holding spray OR put a layer of clear nail polish to keep the glitter in tact. Let this dry and then click the phone case on your phone for the world to see. Find all my contact information on my Contact page and let me know how it turns out.

Good luck!


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