The Memorable Valentine

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For those who are fortunate enough to have a Valentine every year I would assume the typical gift you would get is a teddy bear chocolate and balloons right? Aww, so sweet.

Truthfully this holiday is more catered to females. So for those who are doing the gift giving, how about we try to be a more memorable Valentine for some lucky girl this year? Here are some gift ideas that will help you stand out:

1. More Than a Box of Chocolates

Chocolate covered strawberries are still an upgrade from a box of chocolates but why not go all out when it comes to being healthy. Order a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements shaped in hearts and flowers. Healthy but still yummy.

Rather indulge in your the guilty pleasure of sweets? Grab a box of decorated mini cupcakes. Bakers these days have gotten really creative with there goodies. Ask for a custom design or a sweet message, maybe “Marry me?”

2. The Popular Secret

A girl will never be upset if you buy her a cute bra and panties set especially if its from Victoria’s Secret. These are one of the things we will always need and never have enough of. You can get sexy and make lingerie if you want. That’s a win-win.

3. Sweet Smells

Have you ever been in a completely random place and a stranger immediately reminded you of the girl you’re all googly eyed for? You can never forget a good scent. Buy sweet or soft perfume or a collection of body spray from Bath & Body Works. Feel fee to add a candle or bubble bath.

4. Makeup.. Duh!

A year’s supply of makeup is not enough! A girl can never have too much makeup so with this gift you are always winning. I will admit it can get tricky when you’re going in depth with makeup picking out foundations, concealer, a contour palette (if you even know what it is). When in doubt pick out the basics: lipstick, lip-gloss and eye shadows.

5. Couples Spa

There are some really good and inexpensive massages and spa treatments that people miss out on. A lot of them come with complimentary champagne or other nice bonuses. We all love to feel pampered and this relaxing expression of love will do the trick.

Hopefully this will get the romantic wheels in your head turning. Enjoy your Saturday and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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