Leaping into February

My best friend and I were having one of our typical conversations the other day.
“Is this year a leap year?”
“I don’t know; Do you lose a day or gain day?”
“What if your birthday is on the leap year?”
“Ugh! This makes things so awkward what’s the point of randomly changing the calendar anyway?”
” Let’s Google it.”

So here’s what we clarified:
A leap year happens every four years when the month of February gains an extra day. The next leap year will actually be February 29th of 2016. The purpose of adding a day to February is to keep our calendar in synch with the astronomical calendar.

In other words, a leap year maintains order of the Earth’s orbit around the sun. It takes the Earth a little over 365 days to rotate around the sun completely. The few extra hours over 365 eventually can add up to an entire day. If not accounted for it will eventually throw off our calendar and there would be no pattern to our years. So if your birthday originally is in the end of the Summer season, it could end up in Autumn/Fall which I’d say is pretty unfortunate.


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