YouTube Interview

Three YouTube stars will be interviewing President Obama aired today (January 22, 2015) at 5pm ET. The YouTube personalities include Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green.


Bethany Mota, only 19-years-old, developed her channel in Los Banos, California. It provides colorful DIY projects and fashion hauls that show different purchases and outfits she made. Her bubbly personality attracted over 8 million subscribers to her channel. She has also been seen on Dancing With the Stars and has a clothing line with Aeropostale.


GloZell Green, 35-year old comic based in Hollywood, California has a channel that features song parodies, interviews, comedy about her life and extreme task such as the “Cinnamon Challenge” and the “Cereal Bathtub Challenge”. Her channel has over 3 million subscribers.


Hank Green, owner of YouTube channel Vlogbrothers started when he and his brother John Green spent the entire year of 2007 communicating back and forth via videos instead of through text messages. His channel now provides commentary on political and controversial topics. He and his brothers are the creators of Vidcom, the world’s largest online video convention held in Southern California. His channel has over 2 million followers.

To Catch The Interview Go To


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