Palm Tree Turned Peach

Well it is official. All of my holiday celebrations are over and it is truly time for the new year. 2015. Can you believe it? I blinked and the year was over, probably because my to-do list was near overload, but I know this year will be filled with so much more. A while back I told you guys that I was a retiring beach bum; I’m moving. Well in a few short hours it’ll be time to go. Where to, you ask?


This year it’s so important for me to focus on my goals and only my goals… Plant the seeds that will grow a dream come true. Now that I’m in a whole new place my dreams are all I have to focus on. I feel like I threw myself out in the water because I’ve never up and left my hometown this way. However this has been motivating and the reassurance I need to know that I can go anywhere. Pretty convenient considering I have A LOT of places I wanna see. There is a lot of hard work ahead of me, but a lot of exciting experiences as well. Ill keep you guys updated. Wish me luck! -x0


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