Wish Upon a Star

supermoon Is it crazy that one of the things that I wanted to be when I was younger was an astronaut? Since then my career choice has definitely changed but my interest in astronomy never did.

If you caught yourself looking at the night sky yesterday, August 10, 2014, you may have noticed that the moon seemed slightly bigger and brighter. This Supermoon was in fact closer to Earth than normal. It is said to be viewed as much as 12% larger and 30% brighter. A Supermoon is a full moon at its closest point to Earth on its elliptical orbit.

For those of you who love to wish upon a star, the earlier days of the month of August would be the perfect time to do so. You will catch the annual Perseid meteor shower, where meteors or “shooting stars” are also most visible. In less populated areas where the sky can be clearly viewed, it is estimated to be able to see about 50 meteors within an hour. Unfortunately, you may have to catch this experience next year since the Supermoon is stealing the spotlight and may interfere with the night’s view with its brighter appearance.


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