A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

NYC6 Over the weekend I was able to cross off a location on my list of places to visit before I die: New York City. This traveling experiences came with bonuses including spending time with my clique of best friends (JJAM) from 2001! Yeah, its been quite some time. We flew there from Miami. I haven’t been on a plane since I can remember so that was another plus. The four of us roomed in Marriott’s Renaissance Hotel 57 which was small but cozy, and the customer service was excellent. The culture and setting was everything to love.


Of course we roamed through the streets of Times Square. Though it is one of my goals to spend New Years Eve watching the ball drop, the lit up city was a great experience for the time being. Cartoon characters, body painted models, poets, and dancers randomly worked and performed throughout the city. We wanted to see more than just the tourist areas of NY, so for the first time I rode a Subway.


I’ll be completely honest: One of my biggest fears of traveling to New York was running into a few rats. Luckily that was not the case. I saw two baby ones, which i guess is expected since we are technically underground, but nothing too crazy. I was surprised at how fast I learned how to read the routes of the subway. It definitely beat catching a taxi.

One activity that I encourage everyone to do while visiting New York is to see a Broadway show. We saw Kinky Boots. EXCELLENT! It was surprisingly funny and had a good message: “Be you, everybody else is taken.” To go clubbing was also a unexpected experience. We enjoyed our night out at Webster Hall, a three floor club. In no way possible will Miami ever have clubs that go into the basement the way this club did. That was just one of the perks that came with the environment. Brick homes, constant company, and fast paced walking was also inevitable. Be prepared to walk!


Once it was time to go l was trying to come up with schemes to stay. Eventually I just accepted it knowing this is only the beginning.


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