You’ve Got The Wrong Idea About Growing Up

Like so many kids, when I was younger I couldn’t wait to grow up. But for simple reasons: I wanted to stay over my friends house with a later curfew, drive and go on road trips without parental supervision, and even walk in malls by myself. But little did I know growing up was so much more than that.

One of the most important things about when you are finally able to make decisions on your own is finding out who you are: what do you like or dislike; what makes you happy?This can sometimes be tricky. If you are completely honest with yourself there will be a little nagging voice in your head or a overwhelming feeling that wont go away. Pay attention to that because that is your conscience. Yeah it can seem annoying but its trying to let you get all the things you want out of life, so act on it. You may start somethings that you love and it will turn out excellence. That’s great! But then there are things you might try that can seem like a complete disaster. Know when you’ve tried your best and when something is not for you. Life is full of trial and error and no one gets everything right on the first try. Sometimes the things that start as a disaster will turn into something beautiful later.


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