Best New Artist: August Alsina

August Alsina sheds a tear as he accepts his first ever BET Award for Best New Artist. He manages to choke out the words of how overwhelming and thankful he felt to be recognized for all of his hard work. Raised in the streets of New Orleans he described himself as “The Struggle”.

Alsina grew up in a lifestyle where what he is doing now would only be considered as a dream. At a young age he was exposed to drugs and violence and at one point was even homeless.The murder of his older brother really opened his eyes and made him want to find a way to make it out of the streets. Music was his way.

Later in the night he also received his second award, The Viewers Choice Awards. This award is very special because it is selected by all the fans at home voting for their favorite artist. His votes outnumbered Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, Drake’s Worst Behavior, Jhene Aiko’s The Worst and Pharrell’s Happy though he had a few controversial run-ins.

On an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park, a music video countdown TV show, Alsina was questioned by host Keshia Chante about his relationship with R&B singer Trey Songz. He responded by using profanity and asking “So you just gonna’ go against the grain?” August Alsina had been questioned in several interviews prior about his beef with Trey Songz after stating he had a small falling out with him. In every interview he reinforces that there was no beef, and that they just had a small argument like everybody does. Apparently by the time Keshia Chante asked him he was already fed up with the question. Many people felt his response was inappropriate and disrespectful. He later came back on the show and apologized.

Another incident occurred at one of his performances while crowd surfing through his fans. One of the fans grabbed his hat off of his head and would not return it after he asked. Alsina stopped the performance and refused to continue until he was given his hat back. This caused a riot in the crowd. He later explained that the hat had sentimental value to him because the hat belonged to his deceased brother. Hopefully August Alsina will not have anymore misunderstood circumstances. He definitely has the eyes of social media and a lot of fans which are sticking by his side.


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