SweetHeat Miami 2014

This year was my first year attending Sweet Heat Miami right here in the heart of my hometown. For those of you who don’t know what it is about or have never heard of it I’ll give you the inside scoop:


Sweet Heat is a weekend long event that is specifically dedicated to women. Different events are setup at many venues on South Beach for this female crowd just to come out and have a good time. Sweetheat includes, a pool party, lingerie show, foam party, all white party, yacht party, and a different event at a night cub for everyday of the weekend. Women from all over the country come to attend including female celebrity socialites (models, TV personalities, famous DJs) to help host the celebration. Basically, its a huge party for women.

My attendance didn’t begin at SweetHeat until Friday afternoon along with the #YOTBL crew. We started at the pool party and later checked into our hotel, though we live in South Florida. On the 22nd floor, our view was amazing. Following, we attended a party at a South Beach nightclub, a foam party, the all while party and spent time mingling on Ocean Drive. We were active the whole weekend through. Now I know some of you are wondering is this event a lesbian event? To be completely honest majority of the women attending this event will be gay or bisexual however, you do not have to be either to attend. I personally think the idea of women coming together and celebrating themselves and who they truly are, even if that means going against what is believed as “normal” is very brave and a beautiful thing.




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