Good Morning @ 2pm

Bartenders, Promoters, Bottle Service Waitress, Security etc… We all go through it, climbing into bed when the rest of the world is about to wake up. The sun is rising as our eyes are closing and a phone call before 11 AM is forbidden. “Good morning” for me is at 2 PM, and somehow that sleep almost never seems sufficient. My feet are usually crying by the end of the night and my hair always smells like smoke. Every single time. But not everyone can actually call their job “fun”. You dress up, girls love that, put on a corset and decorative tights, and pass out drinks, sometimes food, all night while dancing to music. Every now and then a “special guest” is booked to make an appearance which makes the night even more interesting. You may guest those aggressive drunks who want to yell at you for all irrational things, but then you get those drunks who are too altered in consciousness to have a care in the world; this is when they tip you well over 20%. As with anything, working the nightlife has its ups and downs. As long as there are more ups than downs, I’ll continue climbing into bed 5 AM.


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