Photoshoot Procrastination

It is no surprise that my eyes are wide open when I should be getting plenty of beauty rest for an extensive photoshoot tomorrow. Of course I’m tossing and turning tangling myself in the comforters. I can’t tell if I’m feeling nervous or excited; probably a mixture of both. On top of that I have not prepared any of my clothing that I will be shooting in. You see, there’s this very unproductive habit that I sometimes like to do which is called PROCASTINATE. I know, I know… Since I am aware of this it should be fully fixed already. The problem with that is I tend to procrastinate fixing my procastination. So the clothes that should be bagged and ready to go are still hanging in my closet. The morning is going to be …. well…. interesting. I still have hopes for a great shoot. Pictures will be coming soon.


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