If You’re Happy & You Know It :)

Take a look at your life.

Do you like the house you live in and the car you drive? Are you somewhat anxious to go to work or do you completely dread it? How about your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? Are the days filled daydreaming about the person or dreaming you were with someone else? A lot of people miserably wake up and go to sleep at night thinking that the life they live “just is”… and that it has to be that way. That is a lie.

There is no rule book that says you are not allowed to be happy. Some may automatically respond “I have to live this way because (fill in the blank)” or “there is nothing better for me”. More lies. There are all kinds of excuses as to why we cant live the life we want to live. The truth is we are all suppose to live happily. In fact, everything we do is already to some degree a pursuit of happiness whether you’re saving money to buy a favorite meal or finally paying an overdue bill. That brings happiness. The challenge is how happy you will allow yourself to be.

So are you happy?
If not its OK. This simply means you’re not doing what you truly want when you should be. Fix it. Happiness won’t come knocking on you door. You have to go get it. Take chances, take risk, and try to get the things you really want because if you don’t try you’ve already failed.


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