Another Hennessy Night

When I’m not at a 9 to 5 I am a brand ambassador for Hennessy. The last two nights have been “one of those nights”. Along with a few other girls, I enlightened two nightclubs of the Hennessy Experience: pretty faces, bottles parades and complimentary samples of Hennessy VS. Many people really don’t know that there are actually options to mixing Hennessy VS into a cocktail rather than drinking it straight up. My personal favorite is Hennessy Berry: Hennessy VS (of course), pineapple juice and cranberry juice. If you haven’t already you have to try it! You’ll be surprised at how it taste and this is coming from a drinker (No, I don’t drink while working for the brand). Anyway, if you see #TeamHennessy while you’re out and about come on over. Grab a sip.



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