Depends on The Definition

If I was to label myself as “bad” should I been shunned, looked down upon or stoned to death? Maybe if I added an extra “d” at the end of the word it would have a different meaning, according to the era we live in. Than I guess it’s just that: It all depend on your definition, like so many other words that are reused and abused. As an adjective of myself it describes someone who is adventurous, likes to take chances and risk, and is not afraid to be themselves (even if this means being weird or different).

You know, Michael Jackson bad.

This is completely contrary to someone who couldn’t be considered as a role model, or someone who you should “hide your kids”© from (I have no idea if that saying is actually copyrighted). So if you should so happen to hear the description of me using the word bad… fear not.


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