The Innocent Friend

It just may be inevitable to have those days where you just don’t want to be bothered. I find myself in that mood often, especially since my work environment requires so much temporary concern to an unfamiliar individual. Peace is all I need, and I will go to extremes to make this happen. I sink the brim of my snapback over my face, or wear oversized shades to block the first thing that allows me to connect with other people, then wear clothing which are all colors that are uninviting. Again and again I fail. “Hey can you help me?” says the stranger sitting nearby. Immediately I begin to think this will be another cliche way to ask for my number. He holds up his Ipad and shows me a game. “Im playing Hangman and I’m trying to figure out what letter I am missing. I don’t want to lose.” The first word I am of no assistance, and he isn’t mad. The second, we figure out, then right before he is about to walk away he is stuck on one last word. I think for a minute, give him two letters, and complete the puzzle. “Hey thanks!” he says excitedly and reaches to give me a high-five. He walks away. No cell number, no party flyer, and no business card, just an innocent friend. And that made me smile.


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