Fall In Love…

There are a variety of categories to fall in love with on this blog. This is what you’ll find:

Just Me
Here are all the lovelee ideas my mind randomly comes up with. Whether it’s venting about a personal experience of my day or stating my opinion of the world’s topic of the day, you can find it here.

Nightlife Socialite
All those nights that result in sunglasses and Advil will be exposed here. Not to worry. It’s not all partying and bathroom selfies. There is a lot of work that revolves around the nightlife i.e. bottle service and bartending. I can assure you it will be fun.

Picture Perfect
Cameras, fashion, photoshoots, DIYs, fashion, lookbooks, modeling… You know all the things girls love (like fashion)? That’s Picture Perfect.

Loose Ink
I’ve been creatively writing since before I could remember. I’d like to think that my writing could be put to good use these days. Here are all my writing and journalism projects. Caution: I’m sensitive about my work.

Cliqued Up
Every now and then we all could use encouragement from a good support team. This section shows the adventures, outings and new experiences I share with those people.

Let’s get to it!